The singer was beaten after the musician touched her genital area over her clothes

After a video exposing the attacks on him went viral Heidi Infanta During an event at the mayor’s office in Iztapalapa, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) reported the opening of an investigation file by the sexual abuse crime.

As the agency headed by Ernestina Godoy Ramosit will be the Public Prosecutor’s Office responsible for investigating sexual crimes and the General Directorate of Attention to Victims who will process the complaint for physical and sexual assaults perpetrated against the singer on March 4.

As part of the follow-up, authorities contacted Heidy Infante to expand their interview and gather more information to support the complaint previously filed with the Office of the Territorial Investigation Prosecutor in Iztapalapa.

A brief account of the events shared by the FGJCDMX indicates that the artist “was at a public exhibition in the office of the mayor of Iztapalapa when has been the victim of physical and sexual assaultby a man, which resulted in a confrontation with beatings”.

Heidy is the granddaughter of Pedro Infante.  (Photo: Instagram/@heidyinfantee)
Heidy is the granddaughter of Pedro Infante. (Photo: Instagram/@heidyinfantee)

The video that captured the precise moment of the events, as well as the comments surrounding it, allowed us to obtain more details about it. It all happened during the celebration of the anniversary of a market in the neighborhood Squad 201.

While Heidy Infante performed the theme The old man in the hat accompanied by her musical group, a subject who was on her left approached her and hit the neck areawhich was uncomfortable for the singer.

Despite the gesture she made to chase away the apparent aggressor, he insisted on returning to the same position and, turning, she reached for the lower back area, intending to bring him down from the scene. , because As he said in an interview with Azucena Uresti, I was not invited to the show and I was not part of his team.

Moments later, the man was standing in front of the singer and he reached for his genital area. Immediately, Heidy tried to defend herself and threw a punch at the subject.

The singer has criticized authorities for releasing her alleged attacker.  (Facebook/Heidy Infantee)
The singer has criticized authorities for releasing her alleged attacker. (Facebook/Heidy Infantee)

Immediately afterwards, the individual grabbed her by the hair and threw several blows at her face, neck and shoulders, for which the intervention of the musicians was necessary to separate them and put an end to the attacks. Even some members of the public decided to take the stage in an attempt to defuse the situation.

“He jumped on stage like nothing happened, he took a microphone and started singing, I asked him to come down and he started attacking me with his way of singing and dancing ( …) CDMX authorities let him go“, revealed the singer in her conversation with the aforementioned journalist.

So far, it is not known whether the investigation file opened by the prosecution will lead to the issuance of an arrest warrant against the subject who appeared in the video, whose identity could not be corroborated.

“And even if he was a victim of this man, the police released him, my question is why? How long are we women going to allow this type of violence? To be a singer or a leader of a group is very difficult, nobody knows that every time we go on stage we expose ourselves. But that’s not worth what happened! To all the people who have supported me with messages, with love for love: thank you very much. I can’t seem to say enough!”, were the words with which the singer and granddaughter of Pedro Infante expressed her weariness through social networks.

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