A call on social networks launched by the group Somos +, calls all Cubans to attend the opening match of the pre-Olympic contest of the Americas between Cuba and Venezuela on October 31.

The call invites fans to appear with clothes that have “Patria Y Vida” written on them, and other rebellious messages against the oppression of the regime and in favor of the freedom of the Cuban players themselves.

Eliécer Ávila, leader of Somos +, said that several members of that organization have already bought tickets for the clash between Antilleans and the vinotinto that will be held at The Ballpark stadium in Palm Beaches.

“I invite all Cubans in Florida, and all Cubans in the United States who follow baseball, to go and support the Cuban team,” Eliécer said.

Ávila added: “It is a good moment to support. I want the Cuba team to win there. And wear our ‘Homeland and Life’ pullovers, for the players, the artists for the Cubans”.

Cuba was placed in key B of the contest and will make its debut against the morochos, and then fight against Canada and Colombia on consecutive dates.

The team goes with the difficult mission of getting the only Olympic ticket in dispute, or at least placing in second or third place to have a second chance to go to Tokyo in the qualifier that will be hosted by Mexico.

The mission becomes even more complicated after the defection of César Prieto, second baseman of the Antillean Ninth and, without a doubt, the most talented player of the entire squad.

Cesar made a spectacular escape after leaving the delegation before arriving at the hotel, a few minutes after arriving directly from Cuba.

On the night of this Wednesday, the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) confirmed the news regarding the first, of what is presumed will be several abandonments, of players from the Cuban team.

In the note, the FCB stated that Prieto’s action is “contrary to the commitment made with the people and the team, it has generated repudiation among his colleagues and other members of the delegation, ready to overcome the logical impact of an event outside the majority will to be faithful to the country and the mission with which we travel to the event”.

A recycled answer, which will surely have to repeat these days on more than one occasion.

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