A girl who is about to turn five was just nine months old when she started going to hospital for a diagnosis due to a colon tumor which was never known if she was benign or malignant.

Then came a complicated surgery for a colostomy and the need for chemotherapy treatments, of which she received only two doses of serum because the hemoglobin did not allow her to continue the procedure.

Since then, Rocio has been waiting for two more surgeries to be able to lead a life like any other child.

But at the moment in Cuba “they are not operating for lack of alcohol”, explains Arnelys, the minor’s mother, who explains that there are also no collection bags for colostomy patients.

On the island, the most difficult thing is to deal with the lack of resources as time passes and the suffering increases, especially for the little girl.

“I suffered a lot with the bag problem…I even had to put nylon tape on it…And it affects her a lot…When she looks like that.”

Added to all this are the effects of anemia that little Rocio is unable to overcome. “There are no drugs. There is nothing. The situation is very difficult.”

At the suggestion of her own doctors, this mother pleads for a humanitarian visa. “That’s what the doctors say. If you do, it will be very different. For food, for safety”.

This mother knows that getting the visa might be difficult because she has no support in the United States.

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