Hialeah police have shared the suspect’s arrest report in the case of a fatal stabbing that occurred early Tuesday morning at a home in the city.

William Carles, 44, is charged with first degree murder for allegedly stabbing to death a man who lived in the home at 6359 West 16th Avenue in Hialeah.

According to the report, Williams stabbed him multiple times with a knife as he slept on the couch in the front room of the house. The victim died at the scene, and the accused then changed his clothes, washed his hands and left the residence in the backyard, where he dropped the murder weapon. Witnesses who were in the house at the time of the incident corroborated this version, according to the report.

Officers managed to recover the knife and apprehend the suspect, who was charged with first degree murder.

Carles, who was located at the scene and taken into custody, made a confession to the incident, according to the arrest report. He is now being held without bond at TGK prison in Miami-Dade.

Some witnesses told Telemundo 51 that Carles was a calm person and they never had any problems with him.

Although the authorities have not confirmed it, through a person who lives in the house, we learned that the man who lost his life on Monday would have been 40 years old.

Although the arrest report does not mention it, a witness who says he lives in the same residence reported that there was an argument about a woman. “They argued, why? For a woman,” Andy Rodríguez said.

As of Tuesday, multiple Hialeah Police units were on the scene and according to police information, five people were interviewed prior to making the arrest.

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