NEW YORK — An attorney for Jonathan Majors released a new statement on the actor’s behalf on Tuesday regarding the Manhattan arrest that resulted in the “Creed III” star being handcuffed over the weekend.

Majors, 33, whose acclaimed role in the 2020 HBO series “Lovecraft Country” put him in the ranks of Hollywood players to watch, was handcuffed on Saturday for strangulation, assault and harassment stemming from an argument with a woman from 30 years old, authorities said. Cops say she told police Majors attacked her in Chelsea.

His attorney, Priya Chaudhry, said the next day there was evidence exonerating him and sought to clarify the point on Tuesday by responding to what officials said were incorrect reports about the 911 call to the NYPD.

“To set the record straight: As confirmed by one of the woman’s own written statements denying her allegations, it was Mr. Majors who called 911 out of concern for his mental health,” the statement read. Chaudry.

Further details about the relationship between him and the woman were not immediately available.

Majors just starred in the 2023 film “Ant-Man” and has two Avengers films currently in production. After breaking into 2019’s ‘The Last Black Man in San Francisco’, he went on to star in ‘Da 5 Bloods’, ‘The Harder They Fall’ and ‘Devotion’ last year. She also stars in the recent Sundance Film Festival entry “Magazine Dreams,” which will be released in December.

After his arrest, the Army launched a new ad campaign with two ads featuring Majors’ narration. Its Office of Business Marketing said it was “deeply concerned by the allegations”, adding that while the actor is “innocent until proven guilty, caution dictates that we are withdrawing our ads until the investigation is complete. “.

The Army ads, titled “Overcoming Obstacles” and “Advancing Tomorrow,” are part of the plan to revive the Army’s “Be All You Can Be” motto. He has benefited from the Majors given his recent outings and growing popularity as he tries to tackle recruitment difficulties, particularly among youngsters. Last year was his worst recruiting year.

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