Despite the fact that I love playing with friends, collaborating to complete all sorts of missions, and exploring fantasy worlds, to this day I don’t remember ever getting addicted to a game. MMORPGs. These types of multiplayer titles require you to dedicate at least two hours a day, which is why it was very difficult for me to fully immerse myself in works like Final Fantasy XIV or Thera. however with Chrono Odyssey I would be willing to try again.

south korean society NPIXEL (creator of Gran Saga) announced at the end of 2020 that he was working on a ambitious realistic hack MMORPG and set in a medieval fantasy world. This video game was featured as Chrono Odyssey there caught the attention of many people thanks to its first CGI trailer. After years of waiting, we finally have gameplay, and not even my wildest dreams imagined something like this.

Chrono Odyssey looks so good you won’t believe it

  • Over the years, more and more Asian games that end up going viral on the internet thanks to their hard-hitting technical sectionsas was the case with Black Myth: Wukong or Stellar Blade
  • However I think that Chrono Odyssey is the first that manages to really excite me, and that I’m not a user interested in MMOs; this afternoon it was published his first gameplay trailer
  • This “new generation” title is being created in Unreal Engine 5 and will come to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S (previously announced for mobile as well, but it looks like they ended up being cancelled)
  • Located in the world of To manageusers will experience an epic adventure in which they will have the ability to manipulate time and space in your favor, either to fight or to explore in ways you can’t even imagine

  • Will have 6 character classes to choose from: Swordsman, Ranger, Sorcerer, Paladin, Berserker and Assassin
  • Each player will have at his disposal a complete character editor to create a protagonist to your measure, and after that you will have to join a faction and fight to control various territories on the map
  • Combat is meant to be challenging, action-packed and against all kinds of enemies, from standard soldiers to colossal creatures

What is the release date of Chrono Odyssey?

Unfortunately NPIXEL has not shared any information about Chrono Odyssey’s release window., not even anything related to a possible beta phase. What is clear is that the future of the MMORPG genre will reach a new level thanks to Unreal Engine 5. Very few games have such a high level of detail, don’t you think?

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