It was 2020 when we brought you news about Chrono Odysseythe new MMORPG from NPIXEL. And since we had no news until now, with the release of a new trailer with gameplay images.

We also have a new website, entirely in English, and the announcement of its release on PC and next-gen consoles. It seems that for the moment they have ruled out launching it on mobiles as it seemed at first.

In Chrono Odyssey, players can discover a vast world with exciting stories, a universe and realistic graphics. Additionally, players can also enjoy unique job systems, maps that transcend time and space, randomized dungeons using multiple spaces, large-scale RVR content, excellent strategies and action. of fight. Additionally, Cris Velasco, a global game music composer known for God of War, StarCraft, and Overwatch, helped compose the soundtrack.

– Explore the beautiful wilderness of “Setera”, where an open world full of life and constant change awaits you.
– Engage in combat with challenging enemies and hone your skills in attack, defense, dodging and a host of unique abilities across six classes.
– Harness the incredible power to manipulate time and space to your advantage, freeze time, rewind events, and explore beyond in ways you never thought possible.

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