Chainsaw Man“was one of the great bombings of the past 2022, leaving us MAP the beginning of the story of how Denji goes from being a boy with an unhappy life, to becoming a hybrid of human and demon and go, at the same time, go to work for a secret organization in charge of eliminating demons. In the process we meet many characters, but above all they stand out Makima and Power, to whom a Japanese cosplayer dedicated scary cosplays.

This Japanese cosplayer seamlessly transforms into Makima and Power from Chainsaw Man

SO, so I leave you with the cosplays of @senyaku0 (a truly TOP cosplayer in Japanese lands) in two different galleries, as there are several photographs of each of the “Chainsaw Man” characters:

Makima cosplay

Power cosplay

If I have to choose between one of the two cosplays, I think I definitely prefer the one from Makima. In general, I tend to like this cosplay more in terms of “Chainsaw Man” characters, and that’s I think the serious/mysterious point of the character is something a lot of cosplayers, when they get there, know how to do. It’s not that I dislike Power, but I think the character has more difficult qualities to showcase through cosplay.

For all this, I would like to remind you that Those of you who are eagerly awaiting Season 2 of the “Chainsaw Man” anime would do well to pay close attention this May.. It will be at the end of the same that a special event will take place precisely for the anime, which has enough ballots to receive confirmation of a second season which, at this point, is still not produced. In the following article you will find all the information available on this subject:

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