Since 2022 last than the rumors around the end of “Undead Unluck” they started ringing non-stop, and although at a certain point it seemed like it could all be wrong, it was finally something that was confirmed in the present 2023. Indeed, with the premiere of the anime just around the corner, they recently announced that the story designed by Yoshifumi Tozuka has already entered this conclusive territory of its history.

The Undead Unluck manga is already preparing for its final events

Then I leave you with all the information that have recovered from MangaMogura in regards to beginning of the end for the manga “Undead Unluck”:

  • Basically, it’s been confirmed that the ‘Last Loop’, or what just happened to be the home stretch of Undead Unluck manga begins with the release of volume 16.
  • When was the volume in question released? Well, at least in Japan it happens today May 2, 2023. So that means that for all intents and purposes, the Undead Unluck manga is already deep into the final bars of its story.
  • How long can this home stretch last? Well, the truth is, it’s a tough subject to talk about. In this sense, there are sleeves whose final stretch only lasts a few months, while there are others that take years to complete. Some examples of these might be my hero academia oh Vinland Saga, among other great successes.

“Undead Unluck” thus becomes another manga that coordinates the premiere of its anime with the latest events of its manga. After all, thanks to this type of organization, the truth is that it will be quite simple that, if it is successful, the anime can be renewed for several seasons without making the viewer wait too long. In any case, what is clear is that 2023 will surely be the most important year for “Undead Unluck” since its premiere.

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