After the departure of Noemie and Adrian of island of temptations, their reunion six months later raised a lot of expectations. Going through the program was a rollercoaster of emotions for them, but you could tell there was love there and when they left the reality show, they decided to try again, giving themselves a second chance.

This Sunday took place The debate over temptations and the couple took to the set to answer any questions about their romance with Adrián when the show aired. However, they weren’t the only ones who left and had something to say.

DavidClose friend of Adrián during the recordings of the show which showed that a great friendship was born between them, he did not hesitate to sit on the set and criticize in the face the infidelity that Naomi had with Napoli . However, the interview played a trick on him that ended with applause from the audience.

Naomi’s toad to David

It is true that Naomi’s infidelity with Napoli has come a long way, since there are those who have doubted that next to Adrián it was excessive since he had only kissed his only Keyla . But Naomi and Napoli starred in scenes of sex and passion at Villa Paraíso.

Naomi wanted to justify herself by saying that since she saw the kiss of her now boyfriend, she has already taken the free path and she acted like a single woman so she was a free soul to do what she wanted. However, these words to David only sounded like an “apology”.

“I think Naomi had an obvious attraction to Napoli and Adrian’s excuse to do what he did was perfect for her,” he said, provoking monumental anger from Naomi: “At least I ‘had an excuse because you had no excuse! Hale, to your house,” he said.

Just then, the audience applauded the entire set, but David once again underlined how much his partner and friend had suffered: “Naomi knew perfectly well that Adrián was in love with her. And when he saw the kiss, he had an excuse. had a bad time and thought “poor thing” he sank. I think he had the worst“, said the participant of The island of temptations.

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