The fans of Shit they were more than ready to enjoy one of the gigs of the year. His favorite artist would take the stage at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires this April 15 to delight everyone with a real show. What we didn’t all know was that we would end up having a big surprise as soon as the show started.

The Argentine appeared down stairs with a giant white coat that covered his entire body. But when she took it off and her profile figure was shaped into a white lace jumpsuit, those in attendance couldn’t believe it. Cazzu is pregnant!

The artist’s belly was noted and cries flooded an emotionally charged Movistar Arena. Undoubtedly, it was the star moment of the evening, which opened a concert full of outstanding songs from Cazzu’s career, including those of his Cheating baby.

So, Argentina has revealed what it expects her first child with Christian Nodal, the Mexican artist he met a year ago on stage. In fact, Nodal also echoed the news on Saturday during a concert. “I’m not a dad anymore, now I’m a dad,” said the artist to the cries of his followers.

For the moment, more details are unknown about the arrival in the world of the first child of the couple of artists. But judging by the belly Cazzu sported on stage, it’s clear he hid it for several weeks.

Her pregnancy announcement reminded many of what Rihanna did on the Super Bowl stage. Without a doubt, another of the most iconic moments that music has given us this year.

As expected, several artists shared their congratulations on Argentinian social networks. “Congratulations boss,” Bizarrap said. “AHHHH my sister, I want infinite blessings”, adds Nathy Peluso. Justin Quiles, Nicki Nicole, Álvaro Díaz and Anitta are others who were very excited about this good news.

And you, what do you think Cazzu and Nodal’s first-born will be called?

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