April started with a good taste from little to Carla Barber, And it is that the countdown has finally ended and the doctor has given birth to her second child in Gran Canaria after a delivery that had been brought forward by three weeks, causing the birth of the little one on April 7, 2023 .

“With momentum, courage and strength… That’s how you arrived, ahead of schedule as I had planned. It was a magical and wonderful day. Thank you for making me happy. Thank you for being in our lives,” he said. written with some images of the newborn.

A few days later, the influencer communicated on social networks that she had made the decision not to call her son Romeo after seeing his face and revealed that finally he was going to be called Bosco Barber Rodríguez: “The same surnames as his brother Bastian since he was born,” he reaffirmed after putting his surname first, explaining that he did not want his to be lost.

Carla Barber shows her physical change / Instagram @dr.carlabarber

However, if there is anything that has caught the eye, just as it happened with her brother, it is the quick recovery that Carla Barber had after her pregnancy and which has left many wondering. same question: what is his secret? A few days after giving birth to her second child, she already has a completely flat stomach and it made her Many wonder how he achieved this miraculous recovery.

The secret to her great body

Through her social networks, more specifically Instagram, she posed in front of the mirror in her underwear and gave the keys to her result. “Food, sport and daily activity”this is how Barber summed up how he does postpartum recovery.

“The evolution you see is the result of: genetics and previous good habits during pregnancy,” he said. The perfect combo to which, in addition, he clarified that the “body treatments” of his own clinic are added, although he still cannot give them due to the scar from the cesarean section.

Of course, after seeing her picture of her current physique, anyone would say that she gave birth to her second child just ten days ago. And it is that your toned stomach is nothing more than the result of the time you spend taking care of yourself and exercising.

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