This Saturday, I’ve Got Talent: All Stars offered its second broadcast of this new season. Here again, as with every show, its most professional jury once again sat down to give their point of view on the performance of the competitors. Paula Echevarría, Edurne and Risto Mejide returned to the charge againhowever, the latter did not escape unscathed.

The publicist, who still manages to become the protagonist of the talent show, hit the mark again. The reason? His assessment in front of a group of French dancers, The Sanchos, who came on stage ready to give a show where the main thing was dance and humor. A show full of acrobatics and good vibes between the members of the group who, under the Latin and mambo rhythms, managed to conquer the public. In fact, to further emphasize the latter, the ovations and applause of the spectators managed to invade the whole theater.

Something similar happened to Paula Echevarría, Edurne and Leo Harlem, but not to Risto Mejide who, without even clapping, took the floor to say that, although he was not going to say that he had not liked it, he felt that the show had been left halfway through.

“How can you say you didn’t like the number if the audience stood up to applaud us? The number is round and I’m the icing on the cake,” laughed Bubu, the spokesperson. of the group.

Risto had an explanation and that’s how he let it be known: “I’ll explain it to you very easily. I think it’s halfway because I’ve been halfway between a dance number and a comedy number. And I think if you make the more obvious humor, the number can be very round, because as good dancers as you are You are not going to lose that“, justified the member of the jury.

Without mincing my words

After that and while the change of candidates took place, Risto sent a message to the public: “Really, you can’t like everything. There must be criteria here,” he said. However, these words were not in vain and one of the spectators present wanted to answer: “Yes, but as far as possible it was good”, she replied.

An answer that did not really please Risto, who reacted insistently: “No, but I speak here”, he said, pointing to the area with the seats. “You already know you don’t have it. The rest,” he said, prompting wry laughter throughout the theater.

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