California has several parks that are considered the best in the country for their beautiful landscapes, rock formations, and giant trees that are thousands of years old.

These parks offer fourth graders and their families the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities through a very special program called the Adventure Pass.

“(The program) was created to support non-profit organizations so that fourth graders have experiences in the parks that we have here in California,” said Myrian Solis, director of community programs for California parks. .

These organizations have received funding so that children and their families can together enjoy the free activities offered by 19 state parks.

“The pass is for the vehicle,” Solís said. “Those in the vehicle can enter the park for free.”

This program highlights the results of scientific studies that indicate that spending time in parks and green spaces can generate a variety of benefits for children.

These benefits include improving their physical health, socializing with other children, channeling their emotions, among others.

“Several studies tell us that if children enjoy the fresh air outdoors, it’s easier and more fun for them to learn when they’re outdoors,” Solis said.

The Adventure Pass is valid for one year, for CM1 students, during their school year and throughout the summer. To request the pass, Click here.

Parents simply need to create an account with their name, address, phone number and email address. The program will send the pass to the email you are using.

Once you have your pass, you can print it out or keep it on your phone to show to a uniformed state park staff member at one of the 19 parks attached to the program.

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