Many series or films have been born under the auspices of the Interneteven memes that inspired projects. Slender man (2018), the disastrous horror film, comes from a thread something awful. But A Man from Florida is even more twisted: being loosely inspired by a mythical North American meme, if you don’t know what it is, you’ll never find out for yourself the meaning of the title and the plot.

“Florida Man”, the meme that inspired A Florida Man

The story of the ‘Florida Man’ meme may seem distant in Spain, but in the United States it was as viral as the memes that populate our social networks. It is a Twitter meme that invites us to Google “Florida Man” next to your birthday.

A practical example: my birthday is may 14 (Should I give you the address for a gift?) and I google ‘florida man 14 may’. What appears to me? News, to say the least, strange: “Florida man tells police he thought playing naked basketball would improve his skills“oh”Florida man arrested after slapping girlfriend with cheeseburger“.

Beyond creating a challenge (find your birthday followed by ‘florida man‘), the purpose of the meme that inspired A man from Florida He’s funny: no matter what your birthday is, you will always find a crime in google search.

Is it worth watching A Florida Man on Netflix?

A Florida Man with Edgar Ramirez
A Florida Man with Edgar Ramirez

A random user noticed that there are many outrageous crimes happening in Florida day after day. From there he was born A man from Floridaa mini-series created by Donald Todd and featuring Edgar Ramirez in which we follow Mike Valentine, an ex-cop who must return to his native Florida to find the runaway girlfriend of a Philadelphia mob boss. As he exposes netflix in the official synopsis, the situation sometimes becomes delusional; I won’t be the one to make you divulgebut after reading the origin of the series, now I understand everything.

Answering the question of whether it is worth seeing A man from FloridaI believe that you never find the balance between whodunnit and comedy. This results in constant pacing issues which are surprising because the premise the creative team is starting from is very good.

At least he knows how to entertain and in comedy he finds the right tone please the public. It’s also good to have Edgar Ramirez as the absolute protagonist of to show: devours the screen and turns out to be one of the most charismatic actors of recent years.

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