Bruce Willis’ first words since being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia

Bruce Willis’ first words since being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia

The actor has suffered a rapid deterioration in his health in recent months

These are very difficult times in the home of Bruce Willis and his family. The actor is retired after being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. From, his health deteriorated rapidly and one can count on the fingers of one hand the occasions when he has been driven out into the middle of the street. We hadn’t heard it either.having remained silent at all times and away from media attention.

However, in recent hours a moving video has circulated on social networks in which we discover a Bruce Willis turns 68.

Bruce Willis reappears on his 68th birthday

The actor entered the living room of the house, surrounded by all his relatives, and began to sing the Happy birthday. His ex-wife was also present. Half Moorewho temporarily moved into the house where the performer lives with his current wife, Emma Heming. Half Moore it is clear that she wants to take care of the man she loved one day and not part with him until the end of her days.

In the aforementioned video, recorded by the interpreter, you can see how the state of Bruce Willis It’s very delicate. However, he appears with a smile on his face, a positive sign that he is enjoying this moment with his family.

Emma Heming, the wife of Bruce Willis, the actor’s biggest support

The most striking thing in the case of Bruce Willis is that the disease detected (frontotemporal dementia) is progressing much faster than they would have expected. Personality changes, obsessive behavior, difficult speech, or increasingly complicated movements These are just a few of its symptoms.

His greatest support, besides Half Moore and their children, is Emma Heming. She shared a video via Instagram in which she is visibly emotional as she remembers how difficult it is to face the disease that the actor has been undergoing for a few months. Besides, she must combine this hard work with the education of her two young daughters (Mabel Ray he is 10 years old; Evelyn Penn only 8. Of course, he appreciates the support received via social networks and admits that the family is closer than ever.

Emma Heming and her family, Bruce Willis’ biggest support in these difficult times

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