Stardew Valley fans are in luck: Sun Haven, very similar in premise to the game, is taking Steam by storm and garnering rave reviews. The developers are busy and have big plans for the future.

If you love Stardew Valley and are waiting for the release of Haunted Chocolatier, then maybe this game is for you. Sun Haven is a farming simulator with all the familiar elements from ConcernedApe’s first hit. The title collects excellent reviews and attracts a large number of players.

Sun Haven – essential information

Sun Haven is an adventure role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world. The title offers gameplay familiar to Stardew Valley fans in terms of mechanics: In addition to developing our farm, we will have to, among other things, fish, fight monsters, cook, interact with the inhabitants (for example, get married, perform assigned tasks) or explore the Sun Haven settlement of the title..

Additionally, the game features a comprehensive character editor, interesting linear story, great music, and eye-pleasing pixel-art graphics.

Excellent grades and high interest.

The game debuted on PC (Steam) and it currently costs around $15. The title is gaining popularity every day (the peak of the last 24 hours was 12,706 players) and is accumulating very good ratings (up to 91% of the 3,700 reviews are positive).

Source: Steam DB.

What will the future bring?

Since its early access debut. in June 2021 Sun Haven, received regular updates. Although the full version was released on March 11 this year, the developers still have high ambitions and plan to expand the title with new content.

Below is a list of planned new features (incomplete and subject to change):

  • a port for Nintendo Switch,
  • more content (clothes, animals and buildings),
  • the ability to give birth and raise children,
  • more dialogue,
  • an epilogue to the main story,
  • minor additions.

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