After the launch of the mobile application BookyPets, where it has more than 90,000 users, the universe of Imaginatios now also opens on consoles and PC

BookyPetsthe video game that promotes children’s reading in a simple and playful way, presents BookyPets Legendsthe version for video consoles there computer coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and
To smoke. BookyPets is the first video game that promotes children’s reading. Designed for an age group between 7 and 12 years old, it is based on its own methodology (PlayPlay) to generate the habit of reading and the development of skills.

It offers a fantastic adventure of exploration and collection, with more than 2,200 bilingual readings, In Spanish and English. BookyPets is an application and a game for nintendo, PlayStation there To smoke with a worldwide presence, and especially in Spain, the United States and LATAM whose content and readings are available in Spanish and English.

This is BookyPets Legends

  • behind that Spanish video game for kids ages 7-12, there’s Alex Mahave, founder and CEO of BookyPets
  • He has extensive business experience in projects that result in behavior change and generation of habits for performance improvement
  • In the development of this project participated a multidisciplinary team composed of video game designers, educators, psychologists, emotional intelligence experts, as well as publishers and children’s authors
  • Until, BookyPets was available as a mobile app, where it reached over 90,000 users
  • A more immersive experience, freedom of movement in 3d and its own methodology, to encourage the habit of reading
  • It contributes, through its daily use, to the improving reading skills in general
  • A system of fragmented reads fully integrated into video game gameplay and storytelling
  • BookyPets stands out for promoting different cognitive and emotional skills in children
  • Information on the boys and girls progressas well as the details of all the readings they have done

Main game features

  • mechanical game based on the most popular games for children from 7 to 12 years old (RPG, Tower Defense, Collectibles, etc.).
  • More than 50 BookyPets to save, collect and evolve. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Unicorn, the Blue Mermaid or the Winged Lion are among them
  • character editor with dozens of customizable items to create your own in-game avatar
  • More than 2,200 bilingual readingsin Spanish and English
  • Area with progress information of the child and the readings he has done: Number of words read, type of readings done, vocabulary acquired…
  • all texts of the game and readings are available in Spanish and English
  • BookyPets Legends will be available on the spring 2023. You can see it now on Steam.

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