This is great news for Sons of the Forest sales figures, as the Steam Early Access game has seen incredible success since its launch just a day ago. Developer Endnight Games confirms its sequel to beloved survival horror game The Forest has already sold over 2 million copies since release, as Sons of the Forest player count surpasses Rust and No Man’s Sky with large Twitch viewership.

In a post shared on their social media accounts, Endnight Games thanks all players who have already played the game since its early access release on February 24, which saw it beat 350,000 concurrent users on Steam and even surpass the forever. popular ‘Just Chatting’ to put Sons of the Forest Twitch viewers at the top of the streaming website.

Endnight confirms it Sales figures for Sons of the Forest exceeded 2 million copies in the first 24 hours. The team add that he is “very excited about what we have in store for players in the coming weeks”. That’s not too surprising for a game that overtook Starfield as Steam’s most searched game prior to release, but seeing interest turn into sales so quickly is certainly great news for Endnight Games.

Endnight recently made the decision to release it in early access rather than further delay the game, explaining that it still has a lot of ideas for adding new things including “more objects, more things you can print in 3D, more to build and discover, as well as adding additional gameplay mechanics and lore. The game is currently scheduled to be in Early Access for 6-8 months, although the developer notes that this may change, and the game “will leave Early Access when we are satisfied that this is the best possible version of the game”.

If you’re already exploring, check out the Sons of the Forest weapons you’ll want to get your hands on, as well as the Sons of the Forest mutants and cannibals you’ll have to deal with. We also have information on Sons of the Forest console cheats and commands, as well as how to get Virginia in Sons of the Forest and the location of the Sons of the Forest shovel for you to take the best possible start. .

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