During an interview with the radio program All for women, Oceguera stated: “It caught my attention, according to what I investigated, that the death of Luis Miguel’s father King Luisito was not natural and everything he did in the relationship with Marcela. I was surprised to see how she endured tremendously, she had a Stockholm Syndrome, in which she fell in love with her abductor and her low self-esteem made her accept horrible conditions, until she left her life right there.”

The author stressed that she has evidence of the version she gives about the death of the father of Luis Miguel.

“According to what we investigated, he died as a result of a beating sent to him by the people involved in his trace, we have the medical report that supports it because he was severely beaten, that is something that is not explained to you in the series or anywhere.”

More about Luisito Rey!

Luisa said that Rey took an infinity of information to the grave. “A lot of secrets, places where he had money hidden, he took by hand all the secrets of a life full of many lies and, for example, in the case of Marcela, I think he took the secret of what he himself did to her”.

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