After spending almost ten months in her native South Africa, Charlene of Monaco finally returned to the principality about two weeks ago, although she did not do it to reunite with his family.

The few information that come from the Grimaldi palace suggest that the former Olympic swimmer is admitted to a prestigious center specialized in treating mental health, and taking into account the latest events, no one should be surprised that this is the case.

The Princess has gone through a very difficult time as far as her health is concerned, as a result of an ENT infection that developed after carrying out a dental implant, according to the official versions sent from the Monegasque crown.

The previously spread version that Charlene from Monaco had received physical support from her parents during her long stay in South Africa is thus demolished.

The Monegasque media point to a solitary convalescence that would have filled the princess with sorrow, despite the fact that telephone contact has been frequent between the ex-swimmer, her ex-husband and her children.

Of course, Wittstock insists on the strength of his daughter and is completely sure that sooner or later she will succeed: “You will get through this and come out much stronger. My daughter used to swim 20 kilometers a day, knowing her way of training, I know that it is very hard“.

Some statements that are reminiscent of those that Prince Albert shared in his day, shortly before asking the press for “respect” in the face of the complicated moment his wife was going through.

It was the first time that the Monaco house confirmed that Charlene’s long convalescence period had taken a toll on her mental health. “She’s better, but she still needs rest and peace. There is fatigue, not just physical, that can only be treated with a period of rest and follow-up,” said the head of the European microstate.

Aesthetic intervention?

As mentioned above, the official version released by the Monaco crown indicates that the complications derived from a dental implant motivated the ordeal that Charlene has gone through. The headlines do not speak of a trivial matter and it is even claimed that they feared for the life of the princess.

“It is unfair that she is presented with some kind of mental or emotional problem. We do not know why Palacio downplays the fact that he almost died in South Africa “, publishes” Page Six “, relying on the version shared by friends and close to the royal marriage.

However, the possibility that the princess had undergone an aesthetic intervention is now being considered, a version of which Pilar Eyre has echoed in the magazine ‘Lecturas’.

The journalist reports that Charlene would have been with a “disfigured” face after undergoing surgery to improve her image, and since then she has not raised her head.

Whether or not of an aesthetic nature, the only thing that is clear is that the high number of operations to which Charlene has been subjected has taken a toll on her state of mind.

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