Black Friday (Black Friday) is the day in which you can buy with greater discounts in New York. The stores reduce their articles up to 80% of the usual price! This only happens once a year, so read on to find out more about Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day . For many, it is the starting gun for Christmas shopping. Every Thanksgiving, merchants do their best to attract customers into their stores or on their web pages in the hope that they will spend large amounts of money seduced by their great offers.

When is Black Friday?

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, and Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. In 2021 it will be November 26 .

Formerly sales started very early on Black Friday itself, but in recent years merchants start sales on Thanksgiving afternoon (Thursday).

Why is it called Black Friday?

Since the retail industry is often in the “red” (without making a profit), the name Black Friday reflects that this is the time of year when companies make significant profits.

Because Black Friday sales involve department stores and chains, the event has spawned the birth of another separate and related day called Small Business Saturday. Held the day after Black Friday, it encourages shoppers to spend some money at local businesses in the community. So if you’re in New York on Small Business Saturday, why not shop at a local boutique or  neighborhood souvenir shop to support New York’s small merchants?

What can I expect on Black Friday?

HUGE sales! Some incredible discounts on items from top clothing brands, tablets (Apple), phones, televisions, popular toys, and much more. These products are more on sale than ever, with the lowest price of the whole year.

It also has long lines, crowds and frantic shopping like no other day, as this is the busiest of the whole year in New York. Products sell quickly, so it is advisable to set the alarm clock to get there first, get the best deals and find the clothing sizes you want.

Where to find the best bargains on Black Friday?

As Thanksgiving approaches, the deals start to come in in different ways. In New York, local newspapers carry advertisements for Black Friday deals and discount coupons that you can use for further savings. So buy a newspaper with loose change in your pocket and check out the ads about Black Friday. If you want to buy online, you will want to see the offers offered by the different stores. The best way to do this is to go directly to the store’s website in the days leading up to Thanksgiving to read what discounts will apply on Black Friday. You can also find the hours (they have extended hours during Black Friday) and the location of the closest store.

Outlet of big brands in New York

The best place to find good deals throughout the year is of course a big brand outlet in New York . You don’t need to wait for Black Friday to find pieces from big brands and designers with outlet prices. But in addition, here is also Black Friday, so this day the prices are even better than the rest of the year.

Tips for Black Friday

Pay attention to door buster deals , a select number of items at a very low price for those who arrive when the store opens or very early in the morning on Black Friday. It is worth getting up early! There are big discounts on expensive brands and electronics. However, there is a limited quantity of these sale items: once they are finished, they are really finished. In addition, they are usually limited to one “door buster deal” per person.

The best shops on Black Friday in New York

  • Apple Stores : the only day of the year that Apple offers discounts!
  • Macy’s : They open around 3 or 4 in the morning and there will be queues! Very good deals
  • Best Buy : If you want to buy electronics, Best Buy is the best place to go on Black Friday.

Is Black Friday just one day?

Yes, Black Friday is officially a single day – the day after Thanksgiving. But many stores in New York have Black Friday deals all weekend long, even until Monday.

Does have Black Friday deals?

Sometimes there are Black Friday deals available on my page. Take a look at the Black Friday sales.

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