Masha” is one of the great comic anime released so far in 2023 (you can watch it on Crunchyroll), although the truth is that if you also like action, you will not be disappointed at all. The world of “Mashle” takes the viewer into a context in which magic is absolutely everything, something that Mash, its protagonist without magical powers, surely understands better than anyone. But, what are the strange lines that appear on the faces of the characters and how are they related to magic as such?

What are the lines on the face of the characters of Mashle

  • The explanation around Mashle’s lines is quite simple: represent those who can use magic.
  • In essence, in the news of the world of Mashle absolutely everyone has lines because everyone can use magic… well, almost everyone.
At Mashle, every assistant has a personalized line
  • Mash is the example that there are still some people who are born without the ability to use magic. Therefore, in Mash’s case, it is necessary to pretend he has powers by painting a line on his face.
  • Why is something like this necessary? Basically, Mashle’s society has completely isolated those without magical powers, all in an effort to come up with a “superior” genetic structure.. In this way, those who show no line, thus implying an absence of magical power, are persecuted to the point that they can be eliminated in the most extreme case.

How does the direction of Mashle’s lines change? (SPOILERS)

  • In the explanation that the Mashle lines represent the user’s magical power, the truth is that there is several aspects to consider.
  • The most important thing to know about Mashle lines is that, Although almost everyone has a facial line, it’s actually possible to have even more..
  • In some very exceptional cases, there is certain mages who can be born with two lines on their face (or awaken a second line). These cases occur in one in 100,000 people.and obviously grant the user far greater magical power than those who only have a line on their face.
They are beautiful
Example of how some Mashle characters can feature more than one line on the face
  • In even more exceptional cases, there are who can awaken a third line of magical power. The greatest peculiarity of these magicians (in addition to having the greatest magic power among all) is that have the possibility to activate the ‘true form‘ of a wand. At this time, there are no known cases of magicians being born with three bloodlines, only that they have awakened a third.

Personally, I would also assume regarding the lines of “Mashle” that they are nothing more than another way to parody Harry Potter, in this case to the scar of franchise protagonist JK Rowling. After all, by now we’ve seen what amounts to an adaptation of Quidditch as well as a higher wizard very similar to Dumbledore, among others. come on if “Mashle” eventually introduces Deathly Hallows-like artifacts, the truth is, I can’t be surprised.

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