“Epstein is definitely a sore spot (for the marriage). That’s a long time for problems to escalate,” a source told the magazine.

Bill and Melinda Gates would have had problems because of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

“She was totally opposed to what she considered to be shady deals and some other issues that he wanted to address in the business area. She wasn’t afraid to talk about it either, “added the source.

Bill Gates has always denied having ties to Jeffrey Epstein. For example, in an interview he gave in 2019 to The Wall Street Journal, commented:

“I knew him, but we did not enter into a business or friendly relationship. I didn’t go to New Mexico, or Florida, or Palm Beach, or anything like that. There were people around him saying, ‘Hey, if you want to raise money for global health or for philanthropy, this man knows the rich.’ Every encounter I had with him were meetings with men. I’ve never been to any party or anything like that. He never donated money for anything that I knew about.”

As reported by the newspaper The New York Times, Gates and Epstein met in 2011, when Epstein had already served a prison sentence for soliciting the prostitution of a minor and when he had already been registered as a sex offender. TO Bill Gates he didn’t care about that.

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