The bill that seeks to ban abortion after six weeks in Florida passed the Health and Human Services Committee before reaching the full session of the state’s House of Congress.

HB 7 will be evaluated by the members of said committee after the subcommittee on health care regulation has made its analysis and voted 13-5 in favor of the project.

What changes does HB 7 offer?

HB 7 proposes to change the conditions under which pregnant women in Florida are allowed to have abortions.

It is proposed to reduce the period during which a person can have an abortion from 15 to 6 weeks, only in circumstances approved by the legislator. The measure retains medical exceptions and fatal fetal anomalies.

The only two factors in which a pregnant person would be allowed to have an abortion would only be if they were raped or if incest was committed.

However, the survivor of rape or incest must “provide a copy of a restraining order, police report, medical record or other court order, or documentation showing that she obtains a termination of pregnancy because she is the victim of rape or incest”. read the measurement.

The Senate also calls for changes in abortion

In contrast, the Florida Senate counterpart bill (SB 300) will be discussed by the Health Policy Committee on March 20.

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