It seems that Aitana left the phone for a while so as not to call us. Eye! We don’t say that, but her friend Marta Núñez in the new preview of her new musical era: Alpha. Aitana, who seems to have taken a liking to dropping bombs on Fridays — the first teaser for her new album was released on Friday March 3 — re-uploaded a video that left her fans stunned.

It took barely 40 seconds for Aitana to tell us a new part of this story of Alpha.

The Spanish star wakes up in a room with walls covered with drawings of the Greek letter Alpha. When she gets up, still half asleep, she picks up the phone and listens to a friend’s audio.

“Aitana, aunt, can you tell us where you are? We’ve been looking for you and calling you all night. Answer me. Show signs of life, say something. Aunt, I’m worried,” said phone audio.

After listening to the audio, Aitana hugs the mobile and goes back to bed, exhausted from everything that happened the night before. Of course, the artist does not respond to her friend. It is very bad! What did it cost him to send a WhatsApp saying he was fine?

One of the things that caught the attention of Aitana followers the most is the haircut she appears with. It seems that the young woman has once again chosen to sport the incredible hairstyle she wore during the Yves Saint Laurent dinner. That brown wig you like so much.

but what does that mean?

To understand this breakthrough, you have to remember how the first video of this new era ended. In it, Aitana ended up entering a club called Alpha. This video would represent the end of everything that happened inside this mysterious place. What happened on this site?

Our theory is that the music videos for this new era of Alpha will take place inside this location, telling us through the songs over the course of a night. Without a doubt, we love this new concept of Aitana for her new album. It seems that the most disco scene of the young woman is approaching.

We will be aware of all the movements of the artist. What will surprise us?

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