GENEVA – US President Joe Biden revealed on Wednesday that he conveyed to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that the consequences will be devastating for Russia if Russian opponent Alexei Navalni dies.

Biden made the remarks at a press conference after Wednesday’s summit with Putin in Geneva and shortly after the Russian gave his separately.

During his media appearance, Putin said that Navalni was deliberately breaking Russian law, although he was aware that the punishment would be jail.

Faced with the situation of the Russian opponent, Biden asked himself in his press conference: “What do you think happens when he (Putin) says that it is not because of harming Navalni, and all the things he says to rationalize the treatment of Navalni, and then die in prison? ”

Putin had previously revealed that the human rights issue and the Navalni situation were addressed at the summit at the initiative of the US side.

“President Biden mentioned the issue of human rights and the people who believe they represent these issues in Russia,” Putin said.

The Russian leader also commented on the recent outlawing of the Navalni Anti-Corruption Fund in Russia by assuring that that organization “made public calls for disorder, publicly incited minors to participate in street demonstrations and gave instructions on how to make molotov cocktails to use them. against law enforcement officers “.

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