In the middle of March Enol there marbles They shared with their followers on social networks a long-awaited news: the Austrian and the Catalan were shooting the Santorini remix music video (one of the songs of his career that played the most last year and is on the album eight stars) with a very special artist.

To the secrecy surrounding the identity of the artist was added a small accident at work: Enol hit his head during filming, causing a hiatus, though it was all a scare. A few hours ago, however, we started receiving responses.

And it is that we already know the release date of this remix and the artist who collaborated with two of the most prominent figures of the national underground urban scene. Beret wanted to put his grain of sand in this great song with the Greek paradise as the protagonist in a song that will be released very soon: next April 21.

the trio of artists He wanted to share the news with a photo on the beach and orange dressesalso announcing the raffle of a trip for two to Santorini among all who pre-record the song before its premiere.

He is in charge of the production of the theme Pablo Roussone of the producers and artists who in recent years has gained popularity in our country, working with artists such as Sebastian Yatra (which allowed him to win two Latin Grammys), Lola Índigo, Belén Aguilera, Pole, Hens or Walls, to be responsible for a large number of weekly releases in our country and managing to accumulate more than 800 million reproductions among all his works.

Rouss was already in charge of producing the original theme and also he is one of the regular artists inside the studio in the career of Marmi and Enol. Everything stays at home but one thing is clear: the quality of his work and his ability to make great songs are a guarantee that Santorini Remix (of which we have already been able to listen to a small fragment of a few seconds) will be a total hit. What are you waiting for to join his followers and enjoy his work? There’s no better way to start a Monday.

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