Patricia Benavides is the national prosecutor. (Conasec)

Legislator Susel Paredes (ungrouped) assured that the national prosecutor Patricia Benavides it was ratified without demonstrating that he obtained a degree at the Universidad Alas Peruanas (UAP) by taking refresher courses.

According to the document he published, which indicates where he did his master’s and doctoral studies, Benavides omits that he followed two updating programs, as stated by the rector of the Peruvian Wings UniversityAlejandro Cruzada, at a press conference this Thursday, April 13.

He said that in 2008 Benavides he enrolled in a refresher course consisting of thesis 1, thesis 2, thesis 3 and thesis 4. The objective was to obtain the diploma of studies which he followed in the 90s at San Martín de Porres University.

“And he did, after that, during the update of the doctorate. But they are not courses per se of the master’s program and per se of the doctoral program. They are to be upgraded or updated,” explained Alejandro Cruzada.

As mentioned previously, the students Students they could obtain a bachelor’s degree from a university other than the one where they completed their undergraduate studies.

Via her official Twitter account, the member outside the group Susel Paredes He also pointed out that to obtain a doctorate, proof of knowledge of two foreign languages ​​is required.

However, the prosecutor Patricia Benavides He said he only studied 6 months of English and 2 months of Quechua.

“Upon its ratification in 2010, the tax Benavides he omitted any reference to the Universidad Alas Peruanas, which endorsed his theses (2009). He declares 6 months of study in English and 2 in Quechua. The law required the knowledge of 2 foreign languages ​​for the Doctor’s degree, how did you do it?”, he published.

In March 2023, the Peruvian Wings University indicated that the theses of Patricia Benavides, prosecutor of the Nation, had disappeared.

“We have made every effort to be able to locate the thesis and we have not located it. (…) it must exist, but in any case you could ask the prosecutor himself”, replied the secretary general of the Peruvian Wings University.

By not submitting the public prosecutor’s doctoral thesis, the Public minister ordered to open an investigation against Alas Peruanas University, which will last 60 days, for the alleged commission of the crime of resistance or disobedience to authority.

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