The last of us This is without a doubt the series of the moment. novel inspired by naughty dog ​​video game is the conversation leader each week. For what HBO Max has achieved a new series phenomenon.

Each chapter that the platform previews provokes an avalanche of comments on the networks which theorize on the continuation of the story starring Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey).

In fact, it was the actress who made statements that caused uncertainty among viewers, dropping that the final chapter will generate great controversy.

He did it during his visit to Paris Fashion Week, in an interview with vogue when asked for the result: “It will divide people a lot”he assured. Something that predicts it will be controversial to provoke so many different opinions.

“It will divide people a lot”

She also confessed that her favorite part of filming is the most exhausting: “Those are some of my favorite days on set. It seems very masochistic, but they are the scenes that break me the ones that somehow I like the most“.

So there is less left to discover if the end of The last of us it’s a Game Of Thrones or if he didn’t mean that precisely, the protagonist.

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