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For several days now Lina Tejeiro and Armando Ortíz, better known as the mind, They have been the subject of conversation due to the alleged romance that the two are said to have, as they had revealed through various publications. However, we already know that none of this is true.

It turns out that the Colombian actress shared on March 2, on her Instagram account, a story in which she showed that she had received a bouquet of roses whose card had a rather revealing message.

“The unexpected is what changes your life. Thank you,” reads the letter, signed with Armando’s name.

Lina Tejeiro also showed that in addition to the gift received, she received a Hamburger. Subsequently, the protagonist of ‘A tail with a heart‘ shared a trill in which he wrote, “A burger fixes everything.”

El Mindo, for his part, did the same and commented on his Twitter account: “Love enters through the belly” and added some emojis of roses and hamburgers. This is why the rumors are multiplying.

However, what caught the attention of those who follow the content creator and the actress even more is that, a few days after these details, he posted an Instagram story in which he put some eyeglasses that the young llanera had already been seen.

Video: Instagram @linatejeiro

And although it was thought that everything was part of a strategy that Ortíz was carrying out to promote his restaurant ‘Minburguer’, the truth is that everything was the prelude to a video for which Lina Tejeiro collaborated with him.

This was revealed on the afternoon of March 6, when El Mindo made a post through his social media with the description saying, “I think I was very quick.”

The recording shows the story of a man who invites a young woman to his home, and although she thought they would only spend one night of passion, she is surprised to see that he had prepared a dinner of family to introduce her to her mother (played by Chichila Navia) and the rest of his family.

He even had a serenade ready for him by the singer Pipe Pelaez -who also participates in the video- to declare his love.

The video generated millions of views in just a few hours | Video: Instagram @el_mindo

As expected, the content creator’s post generated a large number of reactions, among which those who were “relieved” that the romance between Lina Tejeiro and El Mindo was not real stood out.

“I knew that Lina was not going to play with someone like him, without harming him”, “how can you say that superficiality abounds here, if it was real, they would already be dying at the inside” and “and I already felt motivated to see a nasty climb in Tejeiro”; are some of the comments that sparked the post.

In October 2022, the Antioquia singer confirmed that his relationship with the actress ended a few months after it started. And while she made it clear at the time that the breakup was her decision, she didn’t elaborate on what motivated her to make the decision.

It wasn’t until January 30, 2023 that the reggaeton player brought up the issue in the middle of an interview he gave to the ‘El gatales’ podcast and, incidentally, clarified what was wrong with the parade nuptial which had attracted so much attention from its followers. .

According to what Juan Duque said, the main reason Lina Tejeiro broke up with him was the distance, considering that she lives on the outskirts of Bogotá and he lives in Medellín.

“Not at first, but months later Lina struggled with the distance issue. I couldn’t travel every day. My whole life is in Medallo, but sometimes we made the effort to be all in Bogotá. I almost organized my life to go there at least once or twice a week. I was always looking for a way”, he explained at the beginning of his speech.

Later, Duque mentioned that Tejeiro left the country to record “Around the World in 80 Laughs” and when he came back, it was all over.

“That’s when things started to go downhill… When she arrived, I arrived too, and on her birthday, I went to visit her… there I was like, ‘Well, until ‘see you today, we have your services.’ The one that ended was a serious conversation, two mature people saying, “I don’t like this, I don’t like this”. Can it be fixed? No. Done, leave it like that,” he concluded.

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