FLORIDA — The young man who brutally murdered a Boca Raton resident during the delivery of a washer and dryer has been sentenced to life in prison.

Jorge Dupre Lachazo, 24, a Hialeah resident, is to spend the rest of his life in jail after fatally beating and setting fire to a 75-year-old woman as she made an address at the home of the victim, identified as Evelyn Smith Udel.

The crime happened in August 2019, when Dupre arrived at Udell’s residence to deliver a washer and dryer the victim had purchased from Best Buy. The Hispanic arrived home accompanied by another delivery man.

The victim suffered severe burns and traumatic injuries apparently caused by a hammer. She was hospitalized in serious condition and died shortly after the alleged assault by Dupré, whose motives are still unknown.

According to the police report, Lachazo admitted to punching the woman and spraying her with a chemical, telling officers he had used cocaine and marijuana earlier in the day.

Officers found a bloody wooden-handled mallet inside the woman’s washing machine. Dried blood on the washing machine and a bottle of wine were also found at the scene, according to the report.


The other delivery person who accompanied Dupré Lachazo that day was the one who called 911 to report the brutal crime.

Voice broken by tears, David González said that after the installation he heard screams inside the house.

“I try to enter and the door is closed… And when he comes out I see a woman lying on the ground… I don’t know if she had a fight with her partner and he hit her. “

During the call, González explains that he is outside the house and Dupre Lachazo is still inside.

Then the 911 operator asks, “Do you know what your partner hit the lady with?”

“No, I’m outside… I was outside,” González replies.

At one point in the recording, González is heard talking to another person, but he does not confirm whether it is the accused. Seconds later, he tells the operator that Dupré Lachazo is trying to escape.

As the witness explained during the call, Dupré Lachazo got into the truck, but he could not move it forward because he did not know how to drive it.

González: “He’s trying to start the truck, but he can’t drive. And it turns off, he’s still there in front of the house”

According to the arrest report, the 21-year-old never made any progress. The police arrested him, confessed to the crime and said he had used drugs that morning.

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