During the Easter and Holy Week festivities, streaming platforms preview films and series related to these dates. This is the case of the movie “As Long as There’s Hope” (On a wing and a prayer), a surprising belt based on real events from Easter 2009 in the USA. Dennis Quaid stars in this story of survival and faith in which you will have to land a plane safely without being a pilot.

Date and time of the premiere of While There Is Hope on Prime Video

  • The film “As Long as There’s Hope” (On a Wing and a Prayer) will be released exclusively on April 7, 2023 In Amazon Prime Video.
  • “As Long as There’s Hope” will be available in Amazon Prime Video from 09:00 on April 7, 2023.

The real story behind this American “Easter miracle”

In the Easter 2009pilot Kari Sorenson got a call from his old friend, And Favio. Favio worked as controller of the Fort Myers International Airport, and the reason for his call was surprising. A couple with their two daughters were flying from Florida to Louisiana on a King Air 200, when the plane’s pilot died of a heart attack mid-flight. Doug Whitea Louisiana pharmacist and family man, had a few hours of experience on a simpler plane and needed help landing safely. Favio contacted Sorenson so he could relay instructions to White for a safe landing.

Synopsis and Cast of As Long as There’s Hope

This extraordinary true story of faith and survival follows the harrowing journey of passenger Doug White (Dennis Quaid) who will try to land a plane safely and save his entire family from insurmountable danger, after the unexpected death of his pilot in mid-flight. the movie was Directed by Sean McNamaraand its cast is led by Dennis Quaid, Heather Graham, Jesse Metcalfe, Case Jessie, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Rachel Markarianamong others.

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