tekken is one of the most popular fighting game series in the world. The franchise has been constantly evolving since its debut in 1994 and has seen a large number of installments, including spin-offs and cross-play with other characters and series. the last payment, Tekken 7was released in 2015 and was well received by fans and critics.

Asuka and Leroy, face to face in a new look at Tekken 8

  • Since then, fans have been eager for information about the next episode, tekken 8.
  • Even if bandai namco has yet to officially announce a release date for the game, he shared various videos and trailers to excite fans and speculate what they might expect from the next installment.
  • In particular, the gameplay of various characters has been featured in several videos shared during EVO in Japan.
  • Fans got a chance to see Ling Xiaoyu and Jun Kazama in action, and now Asuka Kazama joins the roster of fighters featured in the videos.
  • Asuka’s popularity among fans is no surprise, as has been a favorite character in the series since his debut in Tekken 5.

  • In recent advancement, Asuka faces another character from the series, Leroy Smith.
  • Fans can watch Asuka show off her fighting style and skills as she battles Leroy in a spectacular showdown.
  • Leroyfor its part, also had its own presentation video which shows its new design in tekken 8 and some of its movements.

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