“Guys, I’m going to ask you not to hurt yourselves, I know you and you have several weeks to survive.” These words are the ones he spoke Laura Madrueno before the final of the reward game at the last gala of Survivors: Honduras Connection.

And it’s that they were fighting for this final Asraf Beno there Diego Pereztwo candidates who tend to give everything in the tests and who, in addition, drag out disagreements.

The test consisted of running out of the sand into the sea to grab the only buoy there was and which they had to manage to carry to the basket waiting for them on the shore. The reward was a massage to eliminate contractures and a Caribbean meal.

Before they even reached the buoy, they were fighting as Ion and Laura told them to be careful. “without getting hurt“, they asked. Finally, Diego caught the ball asking Asraf what he was doing grabbing his swimsuit.”Let go, you grabbed me by the neck and pulled my swimsuitand I was going before you,” he told his partner.

Laura insisted that they maintain their sportsmanship. Yaiza He asked for control from Asraf, who seemed unwilling to let Diego win easily and ended up snatching the ball away from him.

Diego would mount Asraf so as not to let him out onto the shore. Laura asked him to leave Asraf and ignoring him, she gave victory to Asraf’s boyfriend. A Pantoja.

Because Victoria

Diego came out of the water completely pissed, kicking the water as Asraf celebrated his victory. “Diego, I asked you several times to leave Asraf“tried to explain the presenter.

“It’s not worth catching, it’s not worth catching and it pulled my pants down and made me choke and then I can’t get on it, come on man,” he said. – he said completely beside himself.

You two didn’t have a very sporty attitudeLaura added. Asraf tried to shake his hand and tell him everything was fine, but Diego was unwilling.

We are not going to allow these attitudes from any of us. Diego, it was I who asked you, please, to get up, several times, from above Asraf, and you paid no attention to me. You have reached the limit and you know it, Yaiza told you, your colleagues told you, I asked you because the organization asked me to, your colleagues heard it,” Laura told her. .

He claimed he didn’t hear her during the struggle in the water and once again defended himself. “For once I win, I can’t celebrate it well, or what?Asraf complained.

“Survivors, I think you have attitudes that you should review among yourselves. It’s a contest, it’s a game, it’s something to have fun and, of course, We don’t seek confrontation and unless you get hurt and fight. Please reconsider everyone,” Laura asked them.

Asraf kicked the ball back into the basket and Laura asked him to leave his space. Eventually, Ion proclaimed him the winner and he kept saying thank you.

Further proof that In Cabeza de León there is a lot of tension and that sooner or later it had to explode. Coexistence on this beach will not be easy.

The public has also been very aware of what has happened and it seems there is a clear position against Diego and his reaction.

There are growing complaints of intimidation from the public against Yaiza, Diego there ginedand as it says Kiko Matamorosthey only benefit Asraf.

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