Ana de Armas and her special bond with the series ‘Friends’ and Matthew Perry

Ana de Armas and her special bond with the series ‘Friends’ and Matthew Perry

Ana de Armas She has become one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Since landing the lead role in blonde to play the great Marilyn Monroe, until she was nominated for this year’s Oscars. Without a doubt, it was a stellar year for the Cuban.

And that’s how he made it known during his visit to the famous show Saturday Night Live (NBC) that this weekend was led by the actress. At the same time as another star of the moment, Karl G.also debuted on the program and with whom he shared a sketch.

During the presentation of the program, Ana de Armas began, as usual, with a monologue. But he didn’t do it like everyone else, but greet with your first sentences in Spanish“Thank you, thank you. I’ve had an amazing year and I’m so happy to be here hosting tonight’s show.”

Although Spanish is her first language, the performer has lived in the United States for years, so, as you might expect, English is one more language she already knows. But precisely it is his bilingualism that has prompted many Internet users to criticize his accent.

It was during the 2023 Oscars gala. A journalist did a brief interview with the Cuban on the red carpet of the awards ceremony and the actress replied with her particular accent, which drew criticism from many Internet users: “When did you forget to speak Spanish?“Why are you talking like that?”

However, on his way through Saturday Night Live he wanted to claim his own language without paying attention to the criticisms of the past.

The paper of Friends When did you come to the United States?

Besides demonstrating her ability with Spanish and English, Ana de Armas also made a very interesting point during her monologue. “I speak English, but I didn’t speak it when I arrived in the United States. I was born in Cuba”she explained.

It was then that he decided to tell how he came to master his new language: “I came to the United States when I was 26 and learned English like everyone who comes in this country : watch “Friends”“.

But it wasn’t just the sitcom that helped her in her classes, but a specific character: Chandler Bing. It was the character played by Matthew Perry that made her become fluent in English: “Who would have thought that the best English teacher would be Chandler Bing? I mean look at me now; Could it be better in English?”

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