Last Thursday, we saw at the gala survivors What Katerina Safarova she jumped for joy knowing she was the new expelled. What he didn’t know yet was that he wasn’t going to return to Spain yet, as he wished. Before I had to go through Playa de los olvidados.

There he met again Arthur Dainese with whom he had befriended during the contest and with Jaime Nava. Once again, she asked for her expulsion. This Sunday, your wishes came true.

Ion Aramendi He informed her that she was permanently expelled. After giving each of her co-workers a big hug, Katerina let them know that she was so sorry that they had to take the punishment imposed by the organization after catching her stealing food.


“No, we ate, it wasn’t you alone,” Jaime tried to reassure him. “Don’t scratch yourself, you had a great contestyou endured, you were bad from the first week and you endured seven weeks”, encouraged his companion.

“It hurts me to come away with this taste in my mouth from this experience. I want to apologize to the team and honestly the act of theft hurts me a lot and I only have to apologize for it”, intoned the mea culpa.

“Also, I would like to thank survivors for this wonderful unique experience. I’m leaving full of emotion, I’m leaving with lots of new experiences, I’m leaving with people from here. and I just want to say thank you for this opportunity,” she managed to say before Ion said goodbye for good.

“Guys, good luck. Wait, you’re doing just fine“, he confided to his companions before a last hug before getting on the boat that will bring him back to civilization.

Jorge Javier Vazquez He’s already run out of his Honduran gymnast salute.

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