Ashley Judd's drama in the Congo jungle: Traveling 55 hours with a broken leg until Surgery

Ashley Judd’s drama in the Congo jungle: Traveling 55 hours with a broken leg until Surgery

She broke it on an excursion and her problems began until after two days she arrived at a hospital

Actress Ashley Judd recounts how she spent 55 hours in Congo with a broken leg.

Not that it was a fiction movie, but it could probably be a perfect plot for it. Is what lived Ashley Judd on a trip to the Republic of Congo. A accident in the jungle that is when a real nightmare started. She herself has been the one who has narrated the terrible experience from her hospital bed. All for a broken leg.

She went all that time without any type of treatment until she could be treated and operated. The reason was none other than a faulty lamp made it difficult for you to see while on a hike. This caused trip over a fallen tree, breaking his leg. Judd described the next 55 hours as “incredibly heartbreaking” and said that the most horrible experience “began with five hours during which “I had to be lying on the forest floor” while she was accompanied by one of her colleagues until she could be evacuated. “With his leg under my deformed leg, I bite a stick, howling like a wild animal”.

From the fifth hour someone could finally get to the place. And the second odyssey began. Trip. “For an hour and a half in a hammock, in which I was taken out of the jungle for my Congolese brothers. They did it barefoot, going up and up hills, across the river. ”

He traveled by motorcycle for six hours to reach his next destination, with one person driving and another behind her holding her. They reached the city of Jolu, where he spent the night in a drink. The next day it was transferred by plane to the capital, Kinshasa, where she remained 24 hours. Finally, afterwards he was able travel to South Africa to be treated in an ICU in the country.

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