Steam: 10 Great recent Games to check out on PC

Steam: 10 Great recent Games to check out on PC

In the jungle of outings on Steam, it is sometimes difficult to separate the wheat from the drunkenness. This is why today we are offering you a selection of the best games (in our opinion) of the moment on the Valve platform. Between a game of survival in Viking land, a trip to the land of nightmares and puzzles of all kinds, there is plenty to do.

Valheim (early access)

Among the lot of survival games available on Steam, a certain Valheim recently emerged from nowhere, to climb into the top of the most popular titles of the moment. In addition to his Viking universe, the game has for him a retro art direction with stunning light effects, and a softer approach to the genre than usual. The player will thus have to gather resources and evolve in a procedural and very vast world, in order to defeat several bosses. Despite a light storytelling, Valheim stands out for his generosity and low bug count for Early Access. And the whole thing can be discovered in multiplayer.

Little Nightmares II

After a first episode hailed by critics and the public, Little Nightmares is back in a second episode. This sequel, soberly titled Little Nightmares II, takes up the very particular aesthetic of the first opus, as part of a headlong flight where two characters will do anything to escape the horrible nightmares that hunt them down. Taking up the puzzles so dear to the Playdead studio (Limbo, Inside), the new baby of the Tarsier teams does not however excel in this area, in particular because of concerns related to the perspective, as we explain to you in our test. But not enough to go his way.

The Room 4 : Old Sins

After being released on smartphones in 2018, The Room 4 : Old Sins come back in a reworked version with better graphics on PC. On the program: new lighting effects as well as more detailed textures. If you know the principle of the series, you will not be disoriented here: in this fourth opus, you have to search parts and mechanisms in search of clues to advance in the scenario. This time, the disappearance of an engineer and his wife will put you on the trail of a mysterious artefact. The title was very well received on Android and iOS. And the quality is always there.

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition

On the sidelines of the release of Nioh Collection on PS5, the second opus in the series is coming to PC in a Complete Edition, bringing together the three DLC released. What to increase the already very substantial lifespan of the basic title, with new objectives, a new difficulty mode and a brand new weapon. This version also adds compatibility with 144hz screens, allowing you to play up to 120 images per second, as well as 4K or even ultra-wide (3440×1440) display. And you will of course find all the qualities of Nioh 2, in particular lively and demanding combat and a great achievement.

In the vein of a Satisfactory or Factorio, Dyson Sphere Program is an optimization game where you have to collect resources and organize your production as best as possible to always obtain more yield. The title is currently in early access but is already the subject of really positive reviews, and the improvements to come look very promising. Simple robot when you arrive on a spherical planet, you will start at the bottom of the technological scale before gradually unlocking improvements for your character and your productions. The icing on the cake: the artistic direction of the title, colorful and refreshing.


Created by a certain Géraud Zucchini alias Doc Geraud on YouTube, Buissons is an exclusively multiplayer hide-and-seek game (locally or online via the Steam Remote Play), where 2 to 4 people must release gas on their opponents in order to eliminate them. As the name suggests, each participant plays a leafy avatar and will have to hold back their throttles until the appropriate time, usually when the hunter in the center of the map points his gun at one of the players, with the man firing a bullet through surprise. The title offers four different ecosystems, and especially parts full of humor between friends.

Journey To The Savage Planet

After the Epic Game Store, home consoles and the Switch, Journey to the Savage Planet is back on Steam. This is a completely crazy exploration game, where you will have to make your way on a planet populated by very strange creatures. Everything is funny, well done, and even offers rather dynamic fights, as we explain to you in our test. Note however that despite its late release on the Valve platform, the title does not include the Hot Garbage DLC, which adds a new area to the adventure. But not very serious, the life of the basic title is already quite substantial.

The Medium

New baby of the Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, Observer), The Medium is a horror game that pays homage to the Japanese leaders of the genre, released in the late 90s, such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil. He is even openly inspired by it: there is indeed a fixed camera, which plays off-screen to create fear. But the title is not dated so far, and notably offers scenes where two versions of the same world overlap. Side scenario, the player plays Marianne, a medium haunted by the murder of a child. She will go to an abandoned hotel station to clear this up.

For The King – Lost Civilization Adventure (DLC)

Nouveau DLC du RPG For The King, Lost Civilization Adventure inclut a new world to explore, new arenas, two-handed or magical battles as well as additional rewards. Simple in its artistic direction although rather pretty, the great strength of the title is to offer a long campaign to be done entirely in multiplayer, whether locally or online. We then find all the great classics of the genre, in a rather demanding coating: exploration, combat and loot.


To complete this selection, here is Nuts, a surveillance game where you have to retrace the path of squirrels. You play as a researcher having to observe a very particular species of these rodents. Except that they engage in very strange activities, and your mission will be to clear this up. To do this, you have at your disposal a monitoring station and several cameras, the recordings of which you will have to watch to know where the animals are going. Note also the cool artistic direction of the title, simple and colorful. A unique and wacky getaway in a calming forest.

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