Courtney Tillia now intends to teach adult women interested in breaking into the adult content platform

Courtney Tillia, the former high school teacher from Arizona who left the classroom to succeed on OnlyFans by amassing a considerable sum of money thanks to the payments of her subscribers, has now decided to scale her business model by teaching a tutorial aimed at adult hopefuls and restless interested in becoming models who produce adult content in order to obtain resources.

Under this marketing strategy, the former special needs educator and mother of four children opened a course on her website, where she charges $29.99 for sharing the techniques that have allowed her to succeed on the adult content platform. .

In this way, women interested in becoming hot models of men eager to discover even their most intimate secrets would learn how to promote content so that they can be monetized, but Courtney also assures them that they will be offered information focused on keeping their identities private if they they decide so.

“Dealing with objections/fears/insecurities”, seems to be the battle phrase through which Tillia promotes on her website an express course focused on putting aside the shyness of restless women in showing themselves as they have never done before the eyes of billions of strangers around the world.

Courtney Tillia claims to have earned more than a million dollars in three years and all thanks to the fact that she overcame the stereotype of the demure woman imposed in most countries throughout the last century.

“When I was a teacher, my family really struggled financially. OnlyFans allows me financial freedom. I can provide everything my family needs and more, ”says the woman who accumulates more than 476 thousand followers on TikTok alone.

The truth is that Courtney Tillia was decisive in abandoning her academic profession, even moving with her family to Los Angeles, California, to become a model.

“I felt underpaid, unappreciated and strangled by control of the school district. I am happy to be the owner of my own destiny, ”Courtney Tillia said some time ago before various media interested in knowing her story.

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