The Su-34 fighter-bomber “crashed into the courtyard of a residential building” near Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

A Russian Su-34 military plane crashed on Monday in the courtyard of a residential building in the spa town of Yeisk, near Ukraine and washed by the Sea of ​​Azov, killing at least three people and injuring 21. , according to the authorities.

“Three deceased are known for sure,” said the deputy governor of the Krasnodar Territory, to which Yeisk belongs, Anna Minkova.

The fighter-bomber “crashed into the courtyard of a residential building,” according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The military institution explained that the accident occurred while the plane was ascending to carry out a training flight from the aerodrome of the Southern Military District.

The cause of the accident was the fire of one of the engines during takeoff, according to the pilot, who catapulted.

When it crashed in the yard, the jet’s fuel ignited.

The area of ​​the fire spread over 2,000 square meters, but has already been extinguished, according to the emergency services.

Local and emergency authorities speak of between 15 and 17 apartments damaged by the fire.

Krasnodar Governor Veniamin Kondratiev went to the scene of the emergency, he wrote on his Telegram channel.

The Russian Investigative Committee, under the Presidency, opened a criminal case for the accident, according to the official TASS agency.

Forensic specialists from the Main Military Investigation Department have been dispatched to the scene of the incident.

Firefighters, specialists from the burn unit of the Krasnodar regional hospital and ambulances also traveled to Yeisk.

About a hundred people were evacuated, according to TASS. The residents of the building were transferred to temporary shelters.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the governor of Krasnodar, the head of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, Alexandr Kurenkov, and the Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, to fly to Yeisk to provide all necessary assistance to the wounded.

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