The newlyweds are breaking records on the social network after this Friday the photos of their marriage through the altar have become the second most popular on the platform and the ones that have received the most ‘Likes’ in all history, at less in the category of photos of people.

Ariana Grande’s publication has accumulated more than 25 million ‘likes’ so far, thus surpassing other very popular ones such as the last one that rapper XXXTentación shared before being murdered in 2018, which has 24.6 million, or the one that Billie Eilish uploaded to reveal that she had gone over to the side of the blondes, with which she got 23 million.

At the moment, to the wedding photos of Ariana Grande, they are only overshadowed by the meme of an egg, uploaded by the @world_record_egg account, which has 55 million ‘likes’ and continues to occupy number one in the popularity ranking.

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