US intelligence says it has data on the origin of Covid-19 not yet analyzed

US intelligence says it has data on the origin of Covid-19 not yet analyzed

The appeal of the president of USA, Joe Biden, to investigate within 90 days the origins of the coronavirus came after the intelligence of the country communicated to the White House that they have a large amount of unexamined evidence that could shed light on this matter.

This is how The New York Times explains, which assures that the country’s intelligence services asked Biden additional time to analyze through computerized processes all the material they have.

According to the newspaper, which cites intelligence officials as a source, these services will try to apply an “extraordinary” amount of computer resources to check if Sars-Cov-2 accidentally leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan, in China, the epicenter of the pandemic.

These investigations suggest that the US Government may not have exhausted the databases available to Chinese communications, the movement of workers in the aforementioned laboratory and the pattern of how the outbreak of the disease originated in the city of Wuhan.

Biden’s initiative, which has generated an exchange of accusations in Beijing and Washington, aims to pressure allied countries and US intelligence agencies to extract existing information on the subject, such as interceptions, witnesses or biological evidence, as well as look for some evidence that can determine whether the Chinese government covered up an accident.

However, the newspaper recalls that the effort to obtain evidence of communications intercepted within China, a notoriously difficult objective, has had little result.

Former intelligence officials and others on the job have said they highly doubt anyone will find an email, text message or document that provides evidence of a laboratory accident.

The theory that the virus arose in a laboratory of Wuhan gained integers again after The Wall Street Journal recently published a report that allegedly uncovered that several researchers from the city’s Institute of Virology fell ill in November 2019.

On Monday, China called this information “false”, but Biden stressed yesterday that Washington and its partners will “pressure” Beijing to participate in a “full and transparent” international investigation.

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