TAIHU is the first. The Argentinian artist who managed to connect with a whole generation inside and outside his country presents RAWR, his first album, closing a stage of sonic exploration and consolidating his own aesthetic; dangerous, eclectic and as fun as it is experimental. The artist lives the most personal moment of his career. So much so that he develops a concept that defines his aesthetic universe, both sound and visual: hot core.

Taichu, in heels and on a treadmill in a promotional image for his new album. / Image courtesy of Dale Play

RAWR is a 13-track album that is already hitting the streets and features standout singles such as Pressure o High. With this first album, Taichu introduces himself to the world as the versatile artist he is. Someone able to drink from an infinity of genres and styles to condense the best of them into their own project.

In Pressurenext to Alvaro Diaz, Taichu shows us a fusion of reggaeton rhythms, with bold and energetic lyrics. The artist shows his most transgressive side and it shows. The video for this song, which has racked up over 100,000 views in a week, has already garnered all kinds of positive comments from her followers: “This girl is all you need to hear,” wrote one fan. Another follower goes much further: “Revivió el reggaetón”.

TAIHU is already attracting the attention of many artists, including La Zowi, with whom he has a collaboration he told us about in LOS40, and the Skrillex, Who have you recently collaborated with? Indeed, the DJ and producer made him go on stage at Coachella during his set. Although the Argentine is still at the start of her career, she continues to add accomplishments and was recently nominated for Best New Artist at the Gardel Awards.

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