Hugo Silva was the last guest of the anthill. The actor arrived to present his new series on HBO, headless chickensset in football’s back room and whose character was created with him directly in mind.

Among other things, he mentioned his recurring problems with the police. It started with what happened to him in Brazil when he was with this moon and another of his friends.

“The thing is, we rented a car, we were going to go whale watching and suddenly the police pulled us over, I’m not sure if it was the police either, they could perfectly be fake policehe began to count.

“They started to turn on our lights, we stood apart, but they didn’t come out and asked us for documents, instead, at the point of a machine gun, a pistol, we were in the middle of nowhere, They pointed a gun at me real close I think that’s the scariest moment I’ve had in my life“, he recognized. And how not to be afraid.

“They started searching us, they couldn’t find anything and one of them said ‘what is that?’ And he pulled out a bag of marijuana that wasn’t ours but theirs. I still don’t know if they were police. We realized they were robbing us and they had put on a magnificent show. We paid some money and they came with us,” this story concluded.

another tense encounter

But the funny thing is that she wasn’t the only one. In Colombia, he also had to pass a police check. “It’s by dint of traveling“, has justified the actor.

“I was there working and coming back for Christmas and all of a sudden they saw me, it was 10 or 15 years ago, and they saw a stamp that I had extended more and started asking where I had been. In Bogotá, Río Hacha, and Río Hacha is a very strange place to go if not for work. And the guy asked me if I mind if he checked in and I said no, as long as I don’t miss the plane”, He recounted another of those compromised moments.

But the policeman wanted to take x-rays, which he didn’t refuse, his only fear was to miss the plane. “One of them took me for x-rays and asked me what I had eaten. ‘A burger’, I don’t know what I would see. He got a little upset,” he admitted. Although, in the end, she let him go as he had come.

It seems that Hugo is not short of stories.

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