Since Fernando Alonso started sweeping in free practice last Friday, Antonio Lobat unleashed on social networks the term ‘whip up the soufflé‘ that was shoot euphoria with what the Oviedo could get this course.

This illusion that the narrator of Formula 1, Fernando Alonso himself tried to lower itaware that there is still much to do.

However, the main result of Bahrain got fans to rave about the world champion, and his friend to expand that movement even further. On ‘Radio Marca’, Lobato made these claims.

“It’s a weekend we’ve been waiting for for many years and we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to experience something like that again. I don’t know if he’s going to get any wins, but what I do know is he’s got a car to run into with Hamilton or the Ferraris and he can compete. Fernando is back even if he wants to put the soufflé“, has explained.

On top of that, he pointed out that Marko’s criticism of Aston Martin is a consequence of the fact that They were nervous to see a team that can hurt them. In fact, he claims that the team Silverstonethis is the second car“, and that Ferrari is involved in “a serious problem”.

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