Rosalía shares photos with her fans after fulfilling one of her dreams

The singer and songwriter Rosalía is very grateful for the opportunities she has had. In turn, she was able to achieve something that she had always wanted and she fulfilled it by doing what she likes the most.
The singer Rosalía has shown through her social networks that she loves to stay close to her fans. For this reason, she constantly uploads content of the things that she spends her time doing, and on this occasion she was no exception because she assured that she had managed to do something that she always wanted.

The interpreter of ‘Con Altura’ explained that she had always wanted to be able to take her songs to a catwalk, while she also planned to do it with her best musical hits, and last Thursday she was able to do both.
At the same time, the 30-year-old composer also said that it was the ideal moment to be able to share with the attendees her favorite songs throughout her artistic career.

“Yesterday I fulfilled one of my dreams: to sing in a parade and parade haahh on top of that I was lucky to be able to play all my favorite songs on LVvvvv merciiiiiiiii @louisvuitton”, was the message that accompanied the photo gallery that she shared on her profile.

Her comments in the aforementioned publication, in less than 24 hours, exceeded four thousand, as many of her followers from the camera’s social network showed how excited they were to see that she had fulfilled one more dream. For this reason, several people took the time to congratulate her and tell her that they will continue with her at every step she takes.

“Congratulations, blessings and thanks for the support”, “You deserve it precious”, “Incredible”, “Queen”, “La Rosi”, “Rosalía for when the collaboration with j-hope”, “Congratulations beautiful”, “Queen motomami, because of you I become heterosexual”, “I found hobi in the photo”, “And you met Jhope, obviously you fulfilled a dream”, “Where is the photo with JHope?”, “Daughter, every day you improve yourself. It is impressive”, “How great you are, Motomami”, “Goddess, we pray to you”, “Proud of everything you have achieved”, “Beautiful!! Succeeding”, “EPIC. Rosalía, girl, you are the light of the world”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

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