A play” are one of the most important Japanese franchises in the world. There are few that can be compared to her, like “dragonball”. These two stories merged nearly 10 years ago… and there are rumors that we have a new crossover on the way. Will it eventually come true? we will have to wait to confirm or deny the rumours.

Anyway, today I’m here to tell you only about the anime of Luffy and his nakamas. And I will tell you when and where exactly can we see the next chapter of “One Piece”. Do you want more adventures and battles in Wano? Well, do not miss the details that I leave you here!

One Piece EP 1061 release date and time

Here is all the information about it:

  • Date: Sunday May 7.
    • 11:00 in Spain
    • 03:00 in Mexico
    • 4:00 a.m. in Colombia
    • 5:00 a.m. in Venezuela
    • 6:00 am in Chile
    • 6:00 am in Argentina
  • Where: via “One Piece” tab on Crunchyroll.
One Piece Zoro

And here is the information on the premiere of the next chapter of “One Piece”. What do you think of the latest deliveries? Did you like seeing Zoro as a child? I invite you to share your impressions in the comments.

Before concluding, I remind you that there is very little left so that we can read manga chapter 1082. Although be careful these days on social media, as it has been leaked and there are a lot of spoilers out there.

Schedules of other anime

The spring season has other very good series that release new episodes week after week. These are all the details on when the next chapters of some of this season’s most notable anime are coming.

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