HBO Max It enters April 2023 with a huge battery of firsts, but also with some doubts. The press release that reached us in the specialized media included, for example, STARTING Season 2 premieres April 28; on Twitter, the platform of streaming Forgot this series. So many unknowns for a month that promises to be bestial.

HBO Max series in April 2023

Royal Crackers – April 3

The series has already been renewed for a second season despite the premiere only airing on April 3.. It is an adult anime series from the production company rick and morty and created by those responsible for Murder Police (2013).

Barry Season 4 – April 17

Fourth season of one of the best HBO Max series; this dark comedy starring Bill Hader Level up with 8 new chapters premiering weekly, as usual on the platform streaming.

Love and Death – April 27

Elizabeth Olsen there jesse plemons they play this true-to-life drama that tells the true story of two relationships: The Montgomerys and the Gores : They are apparently good friends who go to church and enjoy their life in a small town in Texas…until an extramarital affair leads to someone wielding an ax .

Headless chickens – Aaril 28

Spanish series created by Secun de la Rosa, Adolfo Martinez Perez and stemrigo ruiz galardon, and featuring Hugo Silva there Daphne Fernandezaccompanied by Oscar Casas there Kira Miro. Follow the life of Alberto Martín Ruiz, former footballer and current player representative whom everyone calls “Beto”, who has just established himself by creating his own representative agency

From Season 2 – April 28

If it really airs on April 28, 2023 on HBO Max Spain, it will probably be the best release of the month, because the first season was a treat for sci-fi fans.

Other HBO max series in April 2023

  • #BringBackAlice – April 14.
  • Temporada 4 from A Dark Lady Sketch Show – April 15.
  • Season 2 of A Hundred Meter Wave – April 17.
  • Season 2 of Para: the queens of the street – April 17.
  • someone somewhere season 2 – April 24.
  • Mrs Davis – April 25.

HBO Max movies in April 2023

Everybody’s Doing It – April 21

Four couples receive an invitation to spend a weekend at the hotel where they got married. What they don’t know is that the host wants to blackmail them. And even less that, the next day, he will appear dead.

everyone does hbo max

HBO Max documentaries in April 2023

The Critic – April 21

Spanish documentary centered on the figure of Carlos Boyero, one of the most recognized film critics, and at the same time, the most feared: The controversy has followed him since he published his first article more than forty years ago and since then he has never ceased to be in the eye of the storm.

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