Dungeons and Dragons: Honor of Thieves is a movie based on the popular board game of the same name. Despite the skepticism of many fans, myself included, it seems that Chris Pine and company have done a great job, as the reviews have been very good. That being said, it may be that Difficult to approach the film if you have not played Dungeons and Dragons, as it has a very wide and varied distribution. But don’t worry, because in this article you will find Everything you need to know about the cast and characters of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor of Thieves:

Chris Pine and Edgin Davis

  • Chris Pine directs the film’s cast as piss off the bard.
  • The character embarks on the adventure save his daughter and resuscitate his wife.
  • He is a resourceful and fun leader who is always looking for the best strategy to fight or get out of bad situations.
  • Charisma is a basic quality of his class and Edgin has it in spades.
  • Pine demonstrates more than his wide range of interpretation with this great role.
Chris Pine plays the witty Edgin, the band’s bard.

Michelle Rodriguez is Holga Kilgore

the characters of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor between drones represent the classes of the role-playing game. In this case, Holga Kilgore is a barbarian known for her fighting skills. and his provocative attitude. Clearly, Michelle Rodriguez was a great option to bring this character to life due to her acting career in action movies like Fast and Furious. Holga is the muscle of the group and also has a maternal bond with Kira, allowing her to show off her softer side.

Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodríguez is the barbarian, the muscle of the group.

Hugh Grant as Forge Fitzwilliam

  • This scammer is one of the main villains of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieveswhich turns against the group at the beginning of the tape.
  • his character is a traitorous thug who is always up to something.
  • It’s great that it’s a less dark and tragic version of what characters of this type are usually.
forger hugh grant
Hugh Grant looks great in this treacherous role.

Regé-Jean Page es Xenk Yendar

Rege-Jean Page interpret a one of the most emblematic classes of Dungeons and Dragons: the paladin. His character, Xenk Yendar is a warrior who agrees to help Edgin’s group in order to save Kira. Unlike the rest of the group, his lack of humor and constant seriousness are a stark contrast to the antics of others. After his popular role as Simon Basset in the Bridgertons, Page has plenty of experience playing a noble gentleman, so he’s perfect for the role.

Jean Page
Régé-Jean Page is perfect to embody this noble warrior.

Justice Smith and Simon Aumar

  • Simon Aumar is the wizarda character that could not be missed.
  • This individual is part of the original group of thieves.
  • Parting after Forge’s betrayal, he decides to come back to help Edgin and Holga.
  • His nervous character works very well in this role of a wizard who has not yet mastered his magic at all.
judge smith simon
Judge Smith is one of the funniest characters in the strip.

Sophia Lillis and Doric

The particular druid is a tiefling, a half-human, half-demon species. Characters of this race are often associated with fire, but his powers are tied to nature. Doric has magical abilities and He is able to change shape, turning into animals. Sophia Lillis is known for her role as Beverly Marsh and that and that part 2.

doric sophia lillis
Doric is a young druid very connected to nature.

Daisy Head as Sofina, Thay’s red mage

  • This towering witch is another of the antagonists of the band.
  • He is far more terrifying than the traitorous thief, since he his powers of necromancy are a huge threat.
  • daisy head is an established actress of the fantasy genre, with recurring characters in series such as shadow and bone.
  • In this way, he is perfect for a role of this type.
red enchantress
Daisy Head is a very imposing and powerful necromancer.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves Secondary Characters

Chloe Coleman and Kira Darvis: She is Edgin’s daughter and the main reason the Bard’s team embarked on their research journey. The young she was kidnapped by Forge and raised as if she was the thief’s daughter.

Jason Wong as Drala, another red wizard from Thay: This hulking wizard is one of Sofina’s resurrected allies and an enemy of Xenk.

Bradley Cooper is Holga’s ex: Cooper has a brief cameo in the film, but he plays in a very funny moment.

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